Multiple «


08.05. –.03.07.2021

Agam, Pawel Althammer, Joseph Beuys, Martha Boto, Henri Chopin, Monika Ebner, Gottfried Honegger, Oliver Julia, Katharina Karrenberg, Hans Kotter, Jeewi Lee, Piero Manzoni, Christian Megert, Vera Molnar, Paolo Scheggi, Annett Zinsmeister

“In the multiple, the question of the original […] is shifted and condensed into paradoxes, […] as »multiplied original works« (Daniel Spoerri), […] as »multicates« (Peter Weibel), […] as »originals in series«  (Karl Gerstner) [… ]”. Claus Pias´ description already suggests how exciting and versatile the concept of the multiple can be to balance the contradiction between serial production and original. The selected objects show very different approaches and refer in this breadth to the conceptual diversity that could and can arise with the idea of the multiple.