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15.04. – 31.05.2023

Lisa Brice, Gerhard Hadere, Will McBride , Henry Moore, Volker Mehner, Werner Nydegger, Andrei Roiter, Keyston Talbot, Timm Ulrichs, Victor Vasarely

The portrait is an exciting, popular and topical subject in art: few subjects have been able to fulfill so many functions in art since its beginnings: From the self-portrait as self-study or self-portrayal of the artist, to commissioned portraits as a lucrative source of income to immortalize the client and documentary-photographic or artistically alienated portraits, to the digitally optimized selfie and AI-generated fake portraits. 

The exhibition shows works from the collection ranging from documentation to alienation to invention: Photographic b/w portraits of famous personalities such as Josephine Baker and Romy Schneider as well as contemporary, painted and drawn portraits of real and fictional beings.