Lines «


14.01. – 25.02.2024


Kurd Alsleben, Hartmut Böhm, Geneviève Claisse, Paul Uwe Dreyer, Patrick Dupré, Marcel Floris, K.O. Götz, Terry Haggerty, Martina Klein, Norbert Kricke, Agnes Martin, Walter LeBlanc, Rune Mields, Betha Sarasin, H.D. Schrader, Timm Ulrichs, Ian Tyson, Rudolf Velanta, Jorinde Voigt, Uli Pohl, Ludwig Wilding, Frieder Nake, Shizuko Yoshikawa

In mathematics, a line is considered a one-dimensional geometric structure with no transverse extension. In art it becomes two-dimensional through material-related, different widths and, according to Paul Klee, is the beginning of the artistic form: a point that sets itself in motion. From the grid to the trace of movement – the line appears in art in a wide variety of forms, representations and compositions.