03.03. – 21.04.2024


Frank Badur, Wolff Buchholz, Henri Chopin, Walther Dahn, Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Ursula Hirsch, Nigel Mullins, Klaus Jürgen Schoen, Heinrich Siepmann, Volker Leonhardt, Herbert Zangs

Looking at a collection with a focus on the material, the technique or even the picture carrier is an exciting undertaking. The canvas is of particular importance here, especially as it seems to have passed through all possible stages of the artwork term, from being a valued and frequently used image carrier to an object. We bring together works by artists who use the canvas in a variety of ways as a medium.

14.01. – 25.02.2024


Kurd Alsleben, Hartmut Böhm, Geneviève Claisse, Paul Uwe Dreyer, Patrick Dupré, Marcel Floris, K.O. Götz, Terry Haggerty, Martina Klein, Norbert Kricke, Agnes Martin, Walter LeBlanc, Rune Mields, Betha Sarasin, H.D. Schrader, Timm Ulrichs, Ian Tyson, Rudolf Velanta, Jorinde Voigt, Uli Pohl, Ludwig Wilding, Frieder Nake, Shizuko Yoshikawa

In mathematics, a line is considered a one-dimensional geometric structure with no transverse extension. In art it becomes two-dimensional through material-related, different widths and, according to Paul Klee, is the beginning of the artistic form: a point that sets itself in motion. From the grid to the trace of movement – the line appears in art in a wide variety of forms, representations and compositions.

26.11. – 07.01.2024


Agamben, Gerlinde Beck, Bonato, Franz Bucher, Eberhard Eckerle, Gottfried Honegger, Hans Kotter, Gerhard Mantz, Vera Molnár, Ben Muthofer, Ansgar Nierhoff, C.O. Paeffgen, Jan-Erik Ritzmann, Michael Sailsdorfer, Paolo Scheggi, Schmidt-Schmelzer, Herbert Zangs

Is there a clearly defined difference between sculpture and object? Giacometti once said: “A sculpture is not an object, it is a question, an answer. They can never be finished, never perfect.” We would like to say the same for the object and have brought very different works from the collection into a dialogue to look for Answer.

21.09. – 12.11.2023

Gerlinde Beck, Martha Boto, Ursula Hirsch, Geneviève Claisse, Agnes Martin, Rune Mields, Vera Molnár, Helga Philipp, Rosemarie Trockel

Abstraction in art is a novelty of the 20th century and a focal point of our collection. It was women artists who painted the first abstract pictures at the end of the 19th century, many years before women gained access to the academies. To this day, many of them are comparatively unknown and little represented, and unfortunately they are also in the minority in our collection. This exhibition is dedicated to the women artists who focus on abstraction since the 20th century.

17.06. – 12.08.2023

Julius von Bismark, Frank Herzog, Horst Janssen, Wilhelm Kuhnert, Umberto Mastroianni, Ludvig LöfgrenA.R. Penck, Friedrich Streich, Andy Warhol

We love animals! And are delighted by the wealth of species in our immediate surroundings. Protecting them is important to us and sometimes art can also contribute a little: we pay homage to animals in all their diversity and colors. Drawing skills are particularly evident in the depiction of animals. But the depiction of hybrid and uncanny creatures – perhaps mutants?- is also an important part of this exhibition.

01.06. – 15.06.2023

Our showroom changes its function again and again: it offers space for curated exhibitions, communicative events and is mostly a bustling studio and laboratory where new things are developed, tested and produced, finished things are documented, framed, packed and made ready for shipping. Studio visits and open house events offer a glimpse behind the scenes of art and cultural production. Warm Welcome!

Studio Visits by invitation and appointment only 

15.04. – 31.05.2023

Lisa Brice, Gerhard Hadere, Will McBride , Henry Moore, Volker Mehner, Werner Nydegger, Andrei Roiter, Keyston Talbot, Timm Ulrichs, Victor Vasarely

The portrait is an exciting, popular and topical subject in art: few subjects have been able to fulfill so many functions in art since its beginnings: From the self-portrait as self-study or self-portrayal of the artist, to commissioned portraits as a lucrative source of income to immortalize the client and documentary-photographic or artistically alienated portraits, to the digitally optimized selfie and AI-generated fake portraits. 

The exhibition shows works from the collection ranging from documentation to alienation to invention: Photographic b/w portraits of famous personalities such as Josephine Baker and Romy Schneider as well as contemporary, painted and drawn portraits of real and fictional beings. 

01.03. -01.04.2023

Will McBride, Reinhard Doubrawa, Alfred Ehrhardt, Jochen Gerz, Douglas Gordon, Hans Kotter, Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, Leni Riefenstahl, Rosemarie Trockel, Annett Zinsmeister

In the context of the European Month of Photography with the motto “Touch”, we are juxtaposing photographic works that address “touch” in a variety of ways such as photographs of abandoned and war-torn places, of people and the city of Berlin from 1936 until the end of the Cold War, and of photographs that address active touch, the tactile, and the fragile materiality of our environment. 

10.12.2022 –  29.01.2023

Herman de Vries, Alfred Ehrhardt, Paul Knill, Adolf Luther, Will McBride, Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, Klaus-Jürgen Schoen, K.R.H. Sonderborg, Antoni Tapiés

The essence of an active collection is that it grows and in the best case finds no end. So we are happy about new additions from the past two years from a variety of disciplines: photography, drawing, collage, painting, printmaking.

26.09. –  10.11.2022

The stubborn thing about empty spaces is that, strictly speaking, they are never really empty. And that is fortunate. But the contents of a room are not always well-placed or beautiful to look at, or even arranged in a functionally sensible way. Our showroom, too, is always changing in its function and sight: from carefully arranged exhibition, to construction site, to hopeless chaos and temporary depot, to bustling studio. A look behind the scenes of art and cultural production.